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Who I Am

Hello, my name is Rebecca, thank you for coming to find out about FishHawk Yoga. 

With my family, we transplanted to Florida in 2020. Uprooting our lives from Arizona where we grew up, Florida has been a new adventure that we’re looking forward to.

I have transitioned from elementary education to yoga with an emphasis on social emotional wellness and trauma informed wellness training. Working with people through a common goal of education and wellness has always been my calling.  I am now adjusting the way I project that into the world. 

Justin, my husband,  and I have three wonderful teenage boys Theo, Cooper, and Cade.


Why Yoga

I studied dance as a child all the way through college. Because of this, after I graduated it was easy for me to slide into the amazing world of yoga.  I’ve been practicing now for 30 plus years. It has been an inspiring way for me to cultivate my mind and body’s wellbeing.


Over the years yoga has supported me through difficult times and has also helped me deepen my connections with my daily life.  In 2022 I embarked on becoming yoga certified and earned my 200-hour certificate. I also received my Social Emotional and Trauma Informed Certification and now offer classes beginning with Gentle Yoga and Special Needs Yoga sessions. 


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